Unique Fruits

Unique Fruits available now:

Beautiful evergreen shrubs for full sun patio or deck. Best success if kept in container and protected from extreme wet cold in winter. Fruit produced in summer is an added bonus.

Manzanillo Olive.
Popular commercially grown olive. Very hardy. Requires pollinator.
1 gallon pot  $24.50

Chemlali Olive.
Native to Tunisia. Very cold hardy.Purple red fruit.
1 gallon pot

Europa Coratina Olive.
Primary olive for oil production. oblong green fruit. Self fertile.
1 gallon pot.

Europa Leccino Olive. Another primary olive for oil production. Green to black fruit. 1 gallon pot.

Popular European fruiting shrubs to trees. Figs love full sun and heat. Plant along southern wall to ensure best success. Can also be grown in containers. Shelter from extreme wet cold.

LSU Purple Fig.
Northwest Hardy. Purple skin & flesh. Sweet. 1 gallon pot.

Olympian Heirloom Fig.
Very large Dark purple fruit with red flesh.  1 gallon pot.

Black Mission Fig.
a.k.a Brown Turkey Fig. Dark fruit with dark pink flesh. Hardy & sweet flavour.  1 gallon pot.

Ge Neri Fig.
Largest fig available can reach tennis ball size. Dark skin & red flesh.  1 gallon pot.
Jenny Self fruiting fuzzy Kiwi.
Unique large fuzzy kiwi is the first variety to not require a male pollinator. Vines require Full sun and
support. 2 year vines in 2 gallon pot

Hardy Issai Kiwi
Self fruiting Chinese Gooseberry (Kiwi). Quick growing vine produces masses of one inch sized smooth
kiwi fruit with no fuzz. Very hardy and productive.
3 year vines in 3 gallon pot.
Cross between gooseberry and currant. Vigorous plant bears delicious black fruit high in Antioxidants
Gorilla. JostaBerry
Large, black fruit in Summer. Disease resistant variety. 1 gallon pot.

Red Lake Currant. Bright red berries in clusters mid season. Plants grow to 6 feet 1 gal.
English White. Clear fruits midseason. Very sweet.  1 gallon pot.

Korsor. Commercial black Elderberry. Deer resistant. Low maintenence shrub.  2 gallon pot.

Red Zeppelin.
Lycium Barbarum. Quick growing delicate vine bears bright red small fruits in late summer. Fruit should be dehydrated before eating. Very high in Amino acids and other compounds.  2 gallon pot.
Easy to grow. Needs full sun and support along trellis or arbour. Grapes can readily grow 10-20 feet in one season. Prune mid spring and through summer.
2 gallon pot  2 year on graft.

Niagara Grape
Popular hardy green seeded juice grape

Himrod Seedless Grape
Productive hardy seedless green grape. Recommended for west coast.

Sovereign Coronation Grape
Canadian blue seedless grape. Sweet. mid september ripening. Similar to Concord

Vanessa Red Seedless Grape
Red seedless. Hardy, productive grape. Oblong shape.

Freedonia Seedless Grape
Large, black purple grape. Very sweet flavour for fresh eating or dessert, preserves.
Asimina triloba Wiki link: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Asimina_triloba
Custard apple. Large tree will bear crescent shaped fruit in late summer. Native to Southern U.S. Flavour is similar to banana, mango and cantelope.
Plant 2 varieties for cross pollination. Full/part sun.
Varieties in Stock: Potomac, Allegheny, Shenandoah, Susquehanna  2 gallon pot
A great selection of many varieties. All proven for the west coast.
$13.95 for 1 gallon pot


White blackberry. Very vigorous bramble. Sweet fruit mid summer
$24.50 2 gallon pot

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