Stone Fruit availability

Cherries, Plums, Peaches and Nectarines.

We have a great selection of Cherries, Plums, Peaches, Apricots and Nectarines in stock now.

All require a good, loose soil with plenty of rich humus or organic matter. Cherries & plums can be planted in the open
in full sun while Peaches, Apricots and Nectarines require shelter from extreme wind and rains. A south facing wall bed is ideal where the tree will get protection from early spring rains while flowering and leafing out. A regular fertilizer program and ample watering especially as fruit develops is important for best success.
Most fruit trees we sell are #1 grade grafted to semi dwarf understock.
Prices vary, but most trees are priced at $89.00 to $125.00 each.

Bing Cherry
Large, Black sweet cherry. Heavy producer. Requires pollinator like Sam, Stella.

Sam Cherry
Large, firm black sweet cherry. Good pollinator for Bing and Royal Anne

Stella Cherry
Universal Pollinator for most large cherries. Dark, firm fruit.

Lapins Cherry
Another great pollinator for Bing. Crack resistant.

Rainier Cherry
Yellow Bing with red blush. Sweet cross of Bing and Van.

Royal Anne Cherry
Yellow Bing similar to Rainier. Needs pollinator like Stella, Lapins.

Sweetheart Cherry
Unique self pollinating cherry is not set back by April rains. Large, sweet fruit.

Glacier Cherry
Another newer self fruitful sweet cherry. Dark, firm fruit.


Early Italian Prune Plum
Ovate, dark purple fruit with sweet green-yellow flesh. Very productive. Self pollinating.

Damson Plum
Large, purple European Plum. Very good flavour. Requires European pollinator.

Satsuma Plum
Japanese variety. Medium size, form round with red flesh and skin. Needs Japanese pollinator or wild plum.

Santa Rosa Plum.
Beautiful round red plum with yellow flesh. sweet flavour. Self fertile but bears better with other pollinator nearby.

Toka Plum
American and Japanese cross. Red-Purple fruit. Pollinates many other plum varieties. Self fertile.

Nadia Plum
Unique cross between cherry and plum. Smaller dark plums taste like cherries. dark flesh. Self fertile but bears better when pollinated
by Toka or Santa Rosa

Yellow Egg Plum
Popular sweet round early bearing European yellow egg sized plum. Semi-clingstone. Benefits from Pollinizer like Italian.

Beauty Plum
Early bearing large, red skin and amber and red flesh. Very cold hardy. Self fertile.

Shiro Plum
Smaller but heavy bearer of firm, sweet tart yellow plums. Early bearing Late July-August. Pollinate with Santa Rosa


Early Red Haven Peach
Very large, blushed red yellow round fruit. Dark red in center. Self fertile. Requires shelter from Spring rains.

Galaxy Peach
White flesh, large fruit shaped like a doughnut. Very good flavour. Good canner. Resistant to leaf curl.

Frost Peach
Yellow with red blush skin. Yellow flesh. Somewhat resistant to leaf curl but not immune. Good producer.

Reliance Peach.
Yellow flushed red skin. Very cold hardy. Good producer.Good canning peach.


Tilton Apricot
Large, beautiful gold yellow fruit excellent for canning or drying. Self fertile Late season.

Wenatchee Moorpark Apricot
Very wet season tolerant Apricot. Productive fruit born in summer of excellent flavour. Self fertile but benefits from another Apricot pollinizer.

Puget Gold Apricot
One of the most disease resistant varieties. Cold hardy. Delicious yellow orange fruit in summer. Self fertile.


Fantasia Nectarine
Dark red, large fruit. freestone. Requires shelter from spring rains when flowering. Good in pots

Hardy Red Nectarine
Prolific producer of dark red Nectarines. Self fertile but requires treatment from Leaf curl.

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