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Berries Available

Raspberry and Blackberry varieties.
Easy to grow! Colyn’s has hundreds of fresh quality plants ready to plant out now. Raspberries and brambles love sun, loose soil and plenty of moisture. Grow in beds along fence,
Some dwarf forms do well in containers!
Most can be pruned down to 6-8 inches in spring.
Our Berries in one gallon pots priced at $8.95-$17.95 each.

Many more varieties available during season, so please contact our Nursery for up to date availability..

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Strawberry Availability

Strawberry Varieties Available now:

EVERBEARING STRAWBERRIES $3.95 each in 4 inch pots.
Everbearing strawberries produce continually through the season making them a first choice for container and basket growing.Fruit size is a bit smaller than June bearing types but offset with an abundance of fruit through summer.

Day-neutral strawberries will continue to set and ripen fruit all
summer long until a hard frost puts them into dormancy.
Day-neutral refers to the light sensitivity of the variety.
Day-neutral strawberries will blossom and set fruit no matter how long or short the days are.

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Apple varieties available!

Easy to grow! We have chosen a great selection of grafted fruit trees perfect for our west coast climate. Apples love full sun, plenty of rich humus soil and moisture. Mulch your fruit trees after planting and use a quality balanced fruit tree fertilizer. Support young trees till well established.

Prices for 2 year #1 grade grafted trees are $89.00 each
Combination fruit and unique varieties $95.00 -$125.00each.
Many more varieties available.

Contact our Nursery for most up to date availability.

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Pear Varieties Available

Our select Pear varieties:
Pears are very easy to grow on our coast with minor preparation and maintenance.
Pears do best in full sun and deep, loose fertile soil.
Support young plants with a stake or post to keep stable while rooting.
Pruning is required to develop a broad structure to carry fruit and branches.
Most pears benefit from cross pollination with other pears that
bloom at the same time.Plant two if you have no neighbors with producing pear trees. A regular spring and summer fertilizing schedule and watering in summer will guarantee success.

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Stone Fruit availability

Cherries, Plums, Peaches and Nectarines.

We have a great selection of Cherries, Plums, Peaches, Apricots and Nectarines in stock now.

All require a good, loose soil with plenty of rich humus or organic matter. Cherries & plums can be planted in the open
in full sun while Peaches, Apricots and Nectarines require shelter from extreme wind and rains. A south facing wall bed is ideal where the tree will get protection from early spring rains while flowering and leafing out. A regular fertilizer program and ample watering especially as fruit develops is important for best success.
Most fruit trees we sell are #1 grade grafted to semi dwarf understock.
Prices vary, but most trees are priced at $89.00 to $125.00 each.
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