Apple varieties available!

Easy to grow! We have chosen a great selection of grafted fruit trees perfect for our west coast climate. Apples love full sun, plenty of rich humus soil and moisture. Mulch your fruit trees after planting and use a quality balanced fruit tree fertilizer. Support young trees till well established.

Prices for 2 year #1 grade grafted trees are $89.00 each
Combination fruit and unique varieties $95.00 -$125.00each.
Many more varieties available.

Contact our Nursery for most up to date availability.

Cox Orange Pippin Apple (Crimson Pippin)
English hardy variety, great multi use apple. Red stripe and blush. Sept-Oct.

Summerred Apple
Summerland native. Very nice crisp, sweet apple. August ripening.

Gravenstein Apple
Old favourite. Multi Use. Fresh or storage. Red striped green crisp. Sept-Oct.

Red Gravenstein
Solid to red blush. Very good apple for coast. Multi use. Sept. Oct.

Fuji Apple
Yellow green orange red fruit. Very sweet. mid season. Highly recommended on coast.

Rosey Glow Apple
One of best early apples. Similar to Mac but firmer. Red/Yellow skin.

Combination Apple
Several varieties on one tree! Limited quantities on hand.

Braeburn Apple
Late October. medium size. Crisp sweet red striped apple.

Yellow or Golden Delicious
Popular yellow sweet mid season. Fresh or cooking. White flesh.

Cortland Apple
Great salad apple as cut fruit does not go brown. Early red ripens similar to Mac.

Early Pink Lady Apple
Beautiful gold fruit with red blush. Very sweet. Good for the Coast.

Northern Spy Apple
Very large, October. Great pie or Cider variety. Tree has a broad, low habit.

HoneyCrisp Apple
Popular Sept-Oct harvest. Red striped yellow sweet, crisp apple.

Macoun Apple
Grandfather of many popular new varieties. Purple red fruit. White flesh. Crisp. Sept.

Yellow Transparent Apple
Earliest apple. Sweet but soft for desserts, pies and fresh. Great for kids.

Ambrosia Apple
Sweet, crisp mid season variety. Yellow striped and blushed red. Sept.

Macintosh Apple
Early, Crisp white tart sweet with red skin.

Scarlet Sentinal Columnare Apple
Unique narrow growing apple. Great in containers. Red crisp fruit September.

Golden Sentinal Columnare Apple
Unique narrow growing apple. Great in containers. Yellow gold crisp fruit September.

King Apple
Very large, late firm Yellow blushed red. Very sweet and crisp. Multi use.

Chisel Jersey
English Cider apple. Sommerset Bitter type. Red to green blush. Sept-Oct.

Kingston Black Apple
Black taunton. English Cider apple. Large, dark red fruit. Sept-Oct.